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Welcome to Paediatric Department Ipoh Hospital
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Welcome to our web site!

On this home page we'll introduce our department philosophy and its commitments to a better life beginning at its roots through our children. There'll be brief outlines of our department and latest on-goings in the department for your browsing.
Our Motto   Well Child
                        Wholesome Family
                        Stable Community

Our Mission

The Mission is  for Paediatric services in the Perak State to :

  • provide quality care for all children
  • maintain the dignity and enhance the full potential of all children
  • work with parents as partners in the care of their children       
  • motivate the community to recognize and promote child wellness as a means towards the wellbeing of society

Vision for Health

All children should be assured of an excellent standard of health and wellness. The diverse needs of children should be met in the context of a wholesome family and stable community. 

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Our motto is to smile always and to everyone to promote healthy living!


Paediatric Department
Hospital Ipoh
Jalan Hospital
30990 Ipoh

Phone: +605-5222442
ext 2441